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Motivation On The Mat

Most people by now are convinced that yoga does wonders for the mind and body. Whether you’re just a beginner or have been practicing yoga for years sometimes a practice becomes stale. You may feel, at some point, that yoga is now a chore. However, having a consistent practice is truly the only way to see the results and benefit from them.

Every time you feel unmotivated remind yourself this: I know that if I do not practice I will not be operating at my best self. I know that if I do practice I will have a clearer mind and my body will thank me for it.

Drop your standards on what your practice “should” look like. You do not have to sweat every time or have exactly 1 hour movement and meditation. Just 5 minutes of doing sun salutations is a daily practice!

There is no such thing as a good or bad practice. It’s just an experience without judgement. If you’re feeling stiffer than usual, then look at it as an opportunity to explore the body in a different perspective. The physical yoga practice itself is all about body exploration and awareness.

Change up your routine. As someone who practiced Ashtanga religiously I enjoyed a different yoga class every now and then. Try a new yoga style or maybe learn the steps to a new pose.

Set an alarm for when it’s time to practice. This could mean waking up earlier! That extra 10 minutes of sleep is not going to impact your energy positively like doing yoga will! Sometimes it’s just holding yourself responsible. It’s easy to procrastinate without giving yourself a deadline or specifically setting aside time that works for you.

The Yoga practice is about you and your journey. At the end of the day all you’re asking from yourself is to set time aside for own personal growth. You are human and will need rest days. But sometimes what we think will end up being a really lame practice turns into making us feel really amazing at the end of it all.

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