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The Fruits Of Health "Revisited"

Often we discuss diets and the endless efforts to a healthy lifestyle. It can be very confusing getting started. Here are some things to get you moving.

I'm going to start this post hot out the gate 😳 Buckle up here we go

"The Low Hanging Fruits"

Add these daily

  • Park further away from your destination and walk to the building

  • Drink between 8-10 cups of water daily.

  • Take sessions of deep breathing throughout the day. This Helps to lower stress and center yourself.

Did you know that high levels of stress will lead to chronic inflammation?

  • Ask yourself daily, "why is a healthy lifestyle beneficial to me?"

  • Chew your food completely before swallowing. *Try 15 chews per bite*

The Higher Fruits

Add some of these once you've mastered the above

  • Track how many calories you consume daily. There are plenty of free apps available for your phone. MYfitnesspal is a great free tool.

  • Start eliminating and reducing unnecessary foods; sodas, chocolates, cupcakes, chips, cheese its, and overly sugary snacks. SUGAR Daily CONSUMPTION should be limited to MEN= 37.5 grams WOMEN=25 grams

  • Re-evaluate why your healthy choices are important for you. KEY WORD "YOU"

  • Start moving more daily *Try walking briskly 15 minutes daily*

  • Stay away from scales. It's just a number.Body composition determines how you will look. Body composition is the makeup of muscle to fat.

  • Seek out support groups or friends with the same goals as you

  • Visualize your success. How you would like to feel? (maybe you see yourself more energetic)

Live a Wholesome Life

The reality is you are the most important person and you deserve the best.

  • Meet with your doctor to evaluate your health goals.

  • Hire a Dietitian to discuss where you are with your food choices. Bonus points bring your food log! Check out my friends over at LWELL

  • Hire a personal trainer to design an effective workout routine

  • Sleep 6-8 hours per night.

  • Buy  fun workout clothes or fitness gear

  • Review your lifestyle health choices and make upgrades

I think two of the most important things to remember are;

1. You are not alone on your journey "everything you are going through someone has been through before"

2. Find happiness day to day and don't let negative energy hold you back. Often we base how we feel on how others respond to us. You are in charge of how you will succeed. People can help you or hurt you. Surround yourself with helpers.

Hopefully you still have your seat belt on and haven't hopped out of my car of healthy lifestyle changes. Just yet ^_^

Being a trainer I spend a lot of time at the gym. It's not out of the norm to see me in the gym at 10:00 PM working out with a friend or having a blast out music session. Now there is a cleaning crew that comes at night. I met this guy who is head of the cleaning crew. We chat and I asked him why did he decide to work so late at night. His response, "After I leave here boss, I get to go to my gym. My gym is open all night." This is his second job. Cleaning gyms at night and following his night cleaning he visits a gym 30 minutes away to do his workouts.

 He states that he had a heart attack at the age of 36 and he use to be extremely overweight. His doctor gave him two options and I quote verbatim, "I can give you these pills and you can live for the next 15 years at this rate or you can get your shit together and take care of your body."  I will never forget the look in his eye saying. He GETS to workout. His perspective on being able to workout, "Amazing." Not everyone gets that option to take charge of their life.

Now its time for some science.

Weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week is healthy according to the CDC

Weight loss happens when their is a deficit of calorie intake to caloric expenditure.  'Meaning you have to burn more calories than you eat." The problem happens with how many calories we intake. If you have been calorie counting you will notice how many calories are in a canned soda. 150 Calories. A rough estimate of 15 minutes of brisk walking burns 80 calories. You CANNOT out exercise unhealthy eating. Its important to reinforce a lifestyle that works for you. What makes your health important to you? It has to come from within.

According to the American Heart Association for the general population cardiovascular exercise should equal to 150 minutes of moderate exercise. i.e. 30 minutes five days a week. Note these are general cardiovascular health recommendations to shoot for and you may or may not be at this level YET.

The hormone cortisol is a stress hormone. When its levels are higher than normal it causes higher levels of insulin to rise and blood sugar drops causing you to crave sugar. Stress can physiologically cause weight gain and a plethora of adverse health effects. Stress is a real problem. Stress is an actual slow killer. *Stress is good in appropriate dosses with adequate recovery. Chronic stress is not *

Things to help monitor stress

High quality foods.

Try avoid eating cheap processed food for two weeks can you do it?

Exercise helps control stress levels

Listen to positive music or speakers

When you hear negativity in conversations will you be able to walk away or

redirect the conversation?

Deep breathing inhale for a few seconds exhale for a few seconds

These are all things to consider when starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We are constantly bombarded with bad easy choices.

TIP FOR LIFE if its easy then you probably are better off without it. Your life is not a bargain invest in yourself, invest in your knowledge, invest in your fitness, and spread the positive vibes. A healthy lifestyle leads to a more fulfilling experience of this thing called life. 

Godspeed and good vibes on your journey my friend,

David Piggott

#fitness #health #mindfulness #wellness #weightloss

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