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           Online Personal Training And Run Coaching


Not ready to commit to a brick and mortar gym. Maybe you are already exercising on your own. Do you need a coach to keep you accountable in the comfort of your home? This is a great program for you.

I provide the workouts and guidelines and you report back to me weekly. I WILL hold you accountable for your own success

           Personal Training

If you live in Williamsburg, Virginia I can provide in person personal training.

           Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning Class


A class like no other! Learn how to punch and kick, get a great workout and meet new mates. The best part is you will loose weight and get stronger.

           Group Fitness Classes 


Ready to take to the ranks? These classes are circuit style workouts. I will take you from beginner to experienced exercise enthusiast. Be sure to ask about group fitness classes for your company.

           Athletic Development


Improve the strength and conditioning of your already established team during season and off season. When two teams compete at the same level of skill the team who is better conditioned mentally and physically will be the victor. Give your athletes the upper edge with group strength and conditioning coaching.

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